Jay Rosen Trio | CIMP Records
Drums 'N Bugles
By Glenn Astarita

Upon listening to the first few tracks, it doesn't take long to discern that these consummate improvisers have spent some quality time performing together, due to their ongoing tenure with this progressive jazz-oriented record label. And where many improvising musicians falter when embracing raw, spontaneous dialogue, these folks display nuance and panache while finding the underlying cause of things in undeniably articulate fashion. The title of this outing might serve as a slight parody to the increasingly popular "drums and bass" format. However, the gist of this recording relates to how effectively the artists intertwine verbose dialogue with climactically driven themes, further enhanced by drummer Jay Rosen's acute sense of the dynamic. Ethereal subplots and trumpeters Herb Robertson and Paul Smoker's wily and sometimes humorous exchanges provide the winning formula here. They proceed to explore quaintly melodic motifs via softly stated lyricism on "Solarity". Moreover, this trio conveys a surprising amount of depth throughout this rather mind-bending yet thoroughly entertaining exposition.