Jay Rosen | CIMP Records
Songs for Samuel
By Robert Iannapollo

Drummer Jay Rosen is an imaginative musician and he set for himself what some would consider a monumental task: an homage to his recently deceased father played on drums and percussion. However, Rosen is one of the most accomplished drummers around and his musical acumen, as demonstrated in groups like Trio-X and the Cosmosamatics, is second to none.

The set begins with a triumphant drum fanfare, melodic and rhythmic material bouncing from drum to drum. The sections remain dynamic and highly charged rhythmically through the early material. Around "Part 5", tempos slow and that track is pushed forward by a slow drag beat. It would be fool hearty to read too much into this material but Rosen gives us a clue regarding "Part 6", a meditation on the last days of his father's life. It's all ominous, low rumbling drums, clicking hi-hat, cymbal washes and the sound of Rosen blowing through two organ pipes.

All elements are played off each other and are united by Rosen's mastery of polyrhythms. It's an erie yet effective piece of music. Rosen is among the subtlest of drummers and this disc has a wide dynamic range. One feels Rosen is painting his father's canvas of life using all effective means at his disposal