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Read For Yourself What The Critics Are Saying About Jay Rosen


Songs for Samuel By Derek Taylor
Songs for Samuel By Steven Loewy
Songs for Samuel By Robert Iannapollo
Songs for Samuel By David Dupont
Songs for Samuel By Marc Masters
Drums n' Bugles By Phillip McNally
Drums n' Bugles By Jay Collins
Drums n' Bugles By Glenn Astarita
Canticles For The New Millenium By Walter Horn
Canticles For The New Millenium By Robert Iannapollo
Canticles For The New Millenium By Derek Taylor
Canticles For The New Millenium By Glenn Astarita

"Rosen is one of the most accomplished drummers around and his
musical acumen is second to none"
---All About Jazz(1/06)

"Rosen is an intuitive drummer who adapts his large talent to the moment"--- One Final Note (2002)

"Jay Rosen is a drummer's drummer" --- All Music Guide (2001)

"Jay Rosen is a critical fixture in creative music" --- One Final Note (2001)

"Rosen supports with masterful cymbal work" --- Cadence (10/97)

"Rosen has remarkable ears and those who have the opportunity and observe him are
inevitably impressed by the appropriateness, intuitiveness, and musicality of his work" --- Cadence (6/98)

"Jay Rosen displays tremendous diversity" --- Cadence (8/97)

"There is stunning metallic coloration from Rosen" --- Cadence (8/97)

"Rosen is a dramatic and daring player" --- Hi-Fi News (12/96)

"Rosen is a brilliant colorist" --- Cadence (2/97)

"Rosen is the most melodic drummer currently working" --- Tone Clusters (12/96)



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